Suzuki Satria FU|Raider|Belang vs Kawasaki Ninja RR

This article is English version from the original article (indo language) titled Response to “Ini dia!!..spek Suzuki satria FU yang bisa ngalahin Kawasaki Ninja RR di sentul”
Have you ever heard this argument? “In order to equalize a 2 stroke power in the same cylinder capacity, a 4 stroke engine need to increase its cylinder displacement up to twice – or at least 1,5- of the 2 strokes cc”. It means a 150cc two strokes power are about equal to 250 even 300cc 4 strokes.

Now back to the title of this article, Based on the argument: does it makes sense to compare 4stroke Suzuki Raider 150 with 2stroke Kawasaki Ninja 150 ??? Even the companion – Kawasaki Ninja 250R – still considered as inferior to Ninja RR.

Just for example, here’s what happened when a 150cc 4 stroke try to challenge a 150cc 2 stroke.

Video 1, Satria FU|Raider|Belang 150cc vs Honda NSR150
Even though that Satria FU on the video has equipped with Keihin PE28 Carb, Racing CDI and Racing Exhaust, yet it still easily beaten by a 150cc NSR.

Ok, now i wanna show you the other video:

Watching the 2nd video, i guess your first comment might be : “What a pity, that Satria/Raider must be a loser one”. Well, I can understand if you thought so. Indeed, the FU Rider looked clumsy at a start line. He lost balance right after the flag raised. He also missed the 3rd gear, but still trying his best to pursue the Ninja. But what if I tell you that in the end of this 402 straight duel, it was the raider|satria|belang who came out as a winner?

Here is the screenshot when this Satria FU finally catch up and then took a lead over the Ninja

So, what was the specification of this Satria FU ?

  • Piston: 66mm
  • Stroke 56,8mm Using LHK stroker pin 4mm
  • Cilinder Dysplacement : 194cc
  • Camshaft : Custom
  • Carburetor : Keihin PE28
  • CDI : Cheetah Power Classic
  • Exhaust : CMS
  • Valve : Standard / stock
  • Coil : Standard /Stock
  • Spark Plug : Standard/ Stock

Looking to the specification, 194cc is still far away from the required cylinder displacement as stated in the argument (doubled or at least 250cc right?). And I know for sure that this satria FU is not a competition bike. Just a regular bike for daily use.

So, what do you think about the argument now? fact or maybe myth ?
Hmmm…Maybe yes, maybe not :)

By the way..i forgot to tell you..the clumsy rider on the video; it was me with my bike :)
See you in another articles,
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