30hp Satria FU|Raider|Belang for Daily Use, why Not?

Artikel ini saya tulis dalam bahasa inggris sebagai pelengkap versi aslinya yg berjudul side story of Den Bagus 30dk
Hello readers, starting from this week, I’m trying to present my article also in English in addition to the original indo article. However, due to my lack ability in English writing, I’ve only managed to wrote a short descriptive article. While the original articles are present in a longer narrative style.

Den Bagus‘, that is the nickname given to this Satria FU by it’s owner; bro Wildan Zuhdi. Wildan is a speed-junkies rider who has deep passion in engine modification. As we all know, the initial power of our beloved Raider/Satria/Belang150 is max 16hp, -on crank-. It is common that stock engine Satria only gained 13-14hp on wheel when it get tested on dynamometer. Well, most of us will be ok with this, take it as fairly high enough compare to another underbone available on the market, but not for Widan.

Even after some plug n play modification (KeihinPE28 carb+BRT CDI+R9 Exhaust), He managed to record a 17hp on a dynotest, But still couldn’t satisfied him. He was dreaming his Satria to have a powerful engine which equal – better above – the power of real sportbike like Kawasaki Ninja250 or RR. For that, He’s aiming for at least 27hp in his mind, but with one condition; this powerful satria must be able to maintain its functionality as a daily use vehicle. Since it was not an easy request, he spend long time searching for a perfect engineer who could meet his demand. And he finally found it. It was Mr. Londo from TRB Motorsport, a less known engine tuner from small town in Jogjakarta, who accepted wildan’s challenge.

It took more than a month for Mr. Londo to carefully re-build this Satria engine. Here is the New Specification of “Den Bagus” after his major surgery:

  • Current Displacement : 198cc
  • Bore : 68mm, Kawasaki Boss
  • Stroke : 54,8mm
  • Con Rod : Yamaha Scorpio
  • Compression Ratio : 12:1
  • Valve : IN 25mm – EX 23mm , using Baja Pulsar 180’s valve
  • Camshaft : Custom by TRB
  • Carburetor: Keihin PWK 35 Sudco airstrike, Intake manifold: Custom
  • CDI : BRT Dualband
  • Coil : YZ125
  • Exhaust : DBS

Ok, spec is only a spec. How about the power output?,
Here is the dynotest spreadsheet:

Max Power : 30,8 hp on 11.000rpm
Max torque : 21,27nm on 8000rpm
all on wheel.

This 30,8hp on wheel might be not a big deal if it generates by some Raider engine build for Competition purpose, dragbike engine for example. The unique of this 30hp Satria is simply because it’s all round multipurpose application: a daily riding underbone. For example, wildan took his 30hp satria for a 1000km solo touring just to prove its durability. He passed the test with a fairly efficient fuel consumption 1:28 – 1:32 ltr/km. In some occasion, he also join a group riding out of town. Another time, he even participated in a drag bike competition and successfully finished as 3rd place podium in a free for all (FFA) 250cc class.

How well this satria perform on the track?
Here is the video of this satria outmatch Ninja RR on street test

And this when he battle a full spec 250cc mio on drag bike contest at unique beach track, Bangka Island.

Recently, den bagus also applied a new innovation in his camshaft mechanism, by using a Bearing on each cam, to produce a more mechanical efficiency and eliminate unnecessary friction on the camshaft rotation. Quite impressive isn’t it?

Here are some pics of 30hp Den bagus with his new look.

Have another inspiring story of Satria/Raider/Belang in your own neighborhood? Feel free to share it with me…You can email me the detail so I can post it here as article too.

Thanx n Ciaoo…

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