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Hello, thanks for visiting my Blog. My name is Pahla.
Living and working in Jakarta, there are only two things I passionate about; First is -of course- Motorbike, particularly Suzuki Satria F150 (also known as FU in Indonesia , Belang R in Malaysia, Raider 150 in Thailand & Philippines). It simply because Satria FU is the only vehicle i used most on my daily day & night life.

So that’s it. That’s all this blog will tell you about. Officially released on-line on 28 September 2012; Originally this Blog devoted only to share the story related to Satria FU a.k.a Raider a.k.a Belang R 150. You wont find any fancy stuff about high class, prestigious, expensive motorbikes here. Neither latest update or hi-tech review in the world of sportbikes. Sorry to say, but I’m just ordinary (yeah..u can call me low end class) rider who know nothing except my own cheap and average bike.

Hey,what about the other hobbies?
Hate to tell you, but my second one is nothing related to automotive, It is Chess. What !? Chess ?? are you kidding me ???. Hehehe..hell no. I really like chess indeed. Great mind games to balancing my physical activity. It just feel good for me to just sitting for hours, doing nothing than staring the board and moving that tiny wood chess pieces. Especially when I managed to say ‘Check Mate” to my opponent at the end of the games. 😀 I’m even considering to have my own chess blog someday. Well, who knows?

I think its enough for brief introduction about my self. I have no intention to bore you much longer 😀
You can reach me anytime by the following ways:

  • Send me Email at admin @
  • Follow me on twitter @pahla155
  • Write on comment box in any post/pages here on my blog.

Have fun reading here,

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